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The Sexual Satisfaction Upgrade Package is a great way to:

checkmark Get personal support and practices from Shana to apply the incredible expert teachings to your unique sex-life
checkmark Get answers to your questions about your biggest blocks in sex and connecting with women
checkmark Understand how women think — based on a decade of Shana leading hundreds of women through Authentic Woman Experience workshops
checkmark Be able to listen to calls at your convenience: whether on your commute, while you exercise, make dinner or get ready for bed, listen when it fits your schedule
checkmark Have the freedom to return to and deepen your understanding of essential information and inspiration on dating, sex and love
checkmark Cut down on your learning time by applying answers from other men’s questions (Yes you can remain anonymous!) 


The Sexual Satisfaction Upgrade Package includes:

checkmark Live Laser Coaching and Integration call with Shana
checkmark Mp3s of all interviews
checkmark Bonus Interviews and Resources

DeckerBONUS: Decker Cunov (A.M.P.)

The Myth of Masculine Confidence: What Actually Attracts Women

You’ll Discover:

  • The Replacement for Confidence that Actually Creates Connection with Women
  • The Key to a Life of Never-Ending Play and Passion with Women
  • Decker’s Personal Way of Melting WomenWithout Trying


Decker Cunov, is the Executive Director & Founder of AuthenticWorld, and the co-founder of the Authentic Man Program — a powerful program for men to connect authentically with themselves and create more inspiring, fulfilling connections with women from there. He has spent the last decade working with everyone from soldiers to teenagers, from the clinically dysfunctional to doctors & lawyers, from mechanics to top level executives, helping them reach unprecedented levels of success and fulfillment in an organic and profound way. He is committed to inspiring people to have more fulfilling relationships.

caseycapshaw-150x150BONUS: Casey Capshaw

How to Use Integrity to Ignite Women’s Attraction

Casey sees life as an ever unfolding evolutionary process. To that end, he dives headfirst into philosophy, eastern spirituality, Integral theory, shamanism, personal development, therapy, bodywork and any other tool or methodology he can find to increase freedom and fullness in this world.

Casey specializes in mens-specific personal development with the Authentic Man Program. He has always enjoyed a natural connection with other men and feels a genuine brotherhood with all men. Unfortunately, most men spend their whole lives “going it alone” and not seeking support or encouragement around what is really important to them. Casey sees men’s work as a unique solution to that problem.


NeilandchloeBWSMALLBONUS: Neil Sattin and Chloe Urban

Partners in Healing: Moving Beyond Trauma for Deeper Intimacy

You’ll learn:

  • The most important thing for you to do if you or your partner has been affected by sexual trauma and
  • The most important things NOT to do
  • How to turn trauma triggers into opportunities for deeper intimacy
  • and more!

Chloe Urban is a healer and dancer who grew up steeped in nature, creativity, shamanism, and the medicine wheel. She specializes in combining energy work, movement, and inquiry to help people shine more brightly and become more fully embodied.

Neil Sattin is a healer, writer, and relationship coach, and is also the host of the popular podcast Relationship Alive where he talks to the world’s experts on the topic of how to do love right.

Together, they created The New Love, and they are authors of a forthcoming book for helping couples create profoundly deep intimacy when they are affected by sexual trauma. Chloe and Neil work with couples and singles, both individually and together, to overcome obstacles to profound growth and connection in relationship

me2editedBONUS: Anne Freiwald’s Assessment

Strong & Sexy Til You Die: Do You Have What It Takes?

Anne Freiwald, MPH, is a Health Strategist, Coach and founder of MenNavigate. She has been active in the preventative health and wellness fields for over 25 years. She currently offers seminars and programs for men that provide strategies and tools to create and sustain lives of lasting health — and conquer the top reasons men are disproportionately affected by heart disease, cancers, injury and suicide.

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